Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mass Effect 3 demo review

The Mass Effect 3 demo was released on Tuesday, February 14, and it did not disappoint.
For the most part, it satisfied my eagerness to play the game, while somehow making me anticipate the game even more.The single player portion of the demo featured the prologue, when Earth is first attacked by the Reapers, a sentient machine species hell bent on destroying all intelligent life in the galaxy. First of all, I was presented with a choice: Action, Role playing, or Story mode. Since I wanted to get the full Mass Effect experience, I chose role playing. My version of Commander Shepard had the default look and class (soldier), but I changed his background to a Spacer War Hero. Throughout the first mission, I noticed the vast improvement to the combat. The camera sticks close to Shepard, allowing me to shoot accurately. The weapons were very accurate compared to previous games, and sound like actual weapons now. The "tick tick tick" of assault rifles in Mass Effect 2 has been replaced with a "boom boom boom". Now that's how I like it. The Normandy has undergone some changes since the Alliance claimed it, with a new paint job and new areas, though I was not able to explore the ship during the demo.

The second mission took place on the Salarian homeworld, and involved saving a fertile krogan female for Shepard's old buddy Wrex. This time, the combat was against Cerberus operatives, who have apparently had another change in heart and want to kill Shepard again.These humanoid enemies behaved similarly to previous games, taking cover and popping out for the occasional shot at Shepard and his squad, which consisted of Liara and Garrus. I didn't get to try out the Kinect voice command functionality, but I've heard that it works well (a first for anything with Kinect). After saving the krogan female, the single player demo came to an end.

However, it wasn't quite over. I went back to the menu and joined a multiplayer match. Multiplayer in Mass Effect works like a hybrid of Gears of War and Modern Warfare 3's survival mode. You and up to 3 other players all fight through different missions on a selection of several maps. These missions range from uploading data from a computer within a set amount of time, to simply surviving the onslaught of enemies until time runs out. It was a fun experience, different from traditional Mass Effect games.

All in all, the Mass Effect 3 demo did a great job at showing off what the game has to offer. I now eagerly wait for March 6th.

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