Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skyrim Creation Kit released

Today, Bethesda released the Skyrim Creation Kit on PC. The CK is the toolset used by Bethesda to make the game, and can be used to make mods. As a semi-active modder, I am quite pleased with how the CK looks and feels, though it can be a bit on the slow side. Bethesda also released a free high-res texture pack alongside the CK.

Bethesda and Steam got together to create the Steam Workshop, which is basically a way to host your mods on Steam, but I would recommend against it. Instead, I would recommend third-party sites like Planet Elder Scrolls, TES Nexus, and The Holds of Skyrim, hosted by Great House Fliggerty. These sites have stood the test of time, from the time of Oblivion and Morrowind mods, and I would trust them much more than Steam.

Bethesda also conveniently released a CK tutorial. It's quite a handy guide for newbies and experienced modders alike.

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