Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guild Wars 2 preview

Guild Wars was the first MMORPG I had ever come into contact with. The large game world, different monsters & professions, and the decent storyline caught my attention right from the get-go.

Now Guild Wars 2, years in the making, is due to be released in 2012. ArenaNet has slowly but surely released information about the game, including the new professions. These include the mesmerengineerthiefguardiannecromancerrangerwarrior, and, last but not least, the elementalist

A new feature of Guild Wars 2 is the selection of playable races. As you may recall, you could only play as a human in Guild Wars 1. Now, you can choose between the Sylvari, NornCharrAsura, or the traditional Human

Combat is said to be more World of Warcraft-esque, with tons of new skills and weapon options. PvP seems to be fairly similar to Guild Wars 1, though that isn't particularly a bad thing.

The Collector's Edition of the game looks very intriguing, indeed.
The Collector's Edition of the game was also unveiled. It will cost $149.99 and will include several extras, both physical and in-game. The base edition of the game will cost $59.99 and, like its predecessor, will require no subscription fee. 

ArenaNet has released a limited beta for Guild Wars 2. Since I wasn't able to participate in the beta, I can't say for sure what the game is like, but it sounds pretty sweet right now.

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