Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game review: Mass Effect 3

I've played Mass Effect 3 through thoroughly, and can now give a full review.
 I will leave out anything that I already covered earlier. Before I give my own personal opinion on the game, I'll provide as much factual information as I can. The game features an improved weapon upgrade system, allowing you to purchase or find many different upgrades for all weapons. On the topic of combat, biotics have been improved, making biotic powers even more devastating and fun to use. The cover system has been vastly improved over both Mass Effect 1 and 2, as well. Most squadmates have specific uses and roles, but some are good fighters all around.

Plot-wise, the game has several main missions and many more side missions. It is only required that you play the main missions, although completing the side missions will improve your experience at the end of the game.. for what it's worth. Cerberus emerges as a major enemy, second only to the Reapers themselves. They constantly meddle in Shepard's business as you venture across the galaxy. This somewhat separate plot comes to a head right before the main plot (that is, the Reaper war).

Players may engage in new relationships or rekindle old ones with many characters in the game, if the player so chooses. The relationship comes to a head right before the final mission, then that's that.

These features were fantastic, in my opinion. It was enough that I planned to give this game a 10.... until I reached the ending. Without putting any spoilers up, let's just say that I am extremely frustrated and puzzled about the way Bioware chose to end the game. The ending is very sudden and creates many unanswered questions, while leaving some older questions wide open. Honestly, this is the sole reason why I cannot give Mass Effect 3 a perfect rating.  There was simply no satisfaction in the ending whatsoever. However, I cannot forget how great the game was until the last few minutes. I would recommend this game to any RPG player, but I warn you: do not enter the final mission with high hopes or expectations.

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