Thursday, July 5, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Could Medal of Honor: Warfighter set the bar for modern shooters?

The resurrection of Medal of Honor began when Danger Close brought the series to modern day. Simply dubbed "Medal of Honor", it was criticized quite a bit, though you'll hear no complaints from me. I rented the game from Gamefly once and loved it so much, I held on to it for months. Then last week, I bought the game used from Gamestop, and my passion for the game was reignited. The game stands apart from other shooters in nearly every aspect, from campaign to co-op to multiplayer. I'll be honest, I don't see why everyone hates on this game so much. Danger Close revived the series and gave it a much need change of scenery (World War 2 got boring after 12 games of it). Sure, most shooters are now set in modern times, but Medal of Honor was different in the fact that it is set in 2002, during the still ongoing War in Afghanistan, and that you play a Tier 1 Special Forces Operative. The game was also unique in that the characters, locations, and events were based off real people, locations and events. Medal of Honor just had everything I look for in a shooter.

Now, the sequel is just on the horizon.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled for release in October. And I can't wait.

The game supposedly features even more characters, locations, and events based off real life. The multiplayer is said to be even better as well, with Danger Close taking the reins from DICE. After seeing trailers and gameplay at E3, I can honestly say I will be keeping a close eye on this game, and odds are at some point, I will go buy it. Probably not immediately - remember my love for cheaper, used games? - but I will buy, play, and review it when I can.

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