Thursday, July 18, 2013

NCAA Cuts Ties with EA

Now, as you may have noticed from my YouTube channel, I am an avid Madden player. However, as many of us should know, EA is not high on most people's list of best publishers. Recent installments of Madden have been very cut-and-paste crap that isn't worthy of being put on the shelves. However, EA, being the great competition-embracing capitalists they are, bought the license to become the sole developer of NFL and NCAA games.

Well, things are looking up! NCAA recently announced that they will not renew their contract with EA when it expires this year. How, you may ask, is that relevant to the NFL? Well, the NFL's contract will expire at the same time. And in an effort to stay connected to the NCAA in the digital world, I am confident that the NFL will follow suit and leave EA.

So who will take up the reins of American football gaming? If the NCAA and NFL have any brains at all, they'll come crawling to 2K Sports, who, as you may recall, were behind NFL 2K5, the best football game of all time, and are currently in control of the NBA and MLB franchises. EA just hasn't been able to keep up in those areas.

So, will we be seeing NFL and NCAA 2K15 soon? Keep your fingers crossed, people, and we just might be saved from the villainous EA.

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